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“Bad line in txtsetup file” is fatal to Win install

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Well, the brain surely forgot an important past event: I had successfully installed WinServer2003 on one of the IBM PC computers. Since then, I’ve tried it on most of the rest and without success. I immediately get a fatal message about a bad line in the txtsetup file. I perused the net without any luck.* Switching CDs didn’t matter either. I had quickly set that PC up using an autoinstall diskette and put it in the basement for the F’s to surf with over Thanksgiving. I’ve decided to let the computer stay there so I can let K use a “managed” PC. To my surprise, it was running WinServer. Yay! I was wanting a simple secondary server and I was resigning myself to buying another one.

I did find out about that computer not being added to the Lab Computers OU. Turns out if you setup the computer ahead of time in the OU using its unique computer name, it will work. If you add the computer on the fly, it puts it in the generic Computers container. [Later this did NOT work. Oy!]

I added K and redboot65 to the F Users and F computers OUs, respectively, establishing both ahead of time in AD users and computers. She’s running now connected to the domain. I’ve now got the secondary server computer (redboot69) back in the lab and have joined it to the domain, also.

One thing I DID do on redboot69 was give it (red-srv1) as the first DNS server and (’s DNS server) as an alternate. Wonder if this is kosher? Works great.

I had fun setting up the HP Officejet Pro K550 using a cool web site to remind me how to set it up (see

Next? I think I’ll setup redboot69 as another domain controller. Maybe setup M’s laptop as a workstation. And the Vista RC1 PC as a workstation.

* There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this error. Many pointed to RAM problems. Not the problem here. Many said the CD media was bad. Not the problem here. Some said the CD-ROM. Again not the problem. (I know since I had 3 identical machines and two different Trial versions of the software.) What eventually DID work was I had downloaded a copy of the WinServer 2003 that was the R2 (had 2 discs) and those would load on any of those threee machines.


Written by scottledyard

2006, November 29th at 9:23 pm

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