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In the lab on a rainy (hope for snow) evening

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First went to setup the Vista RC1 PC as a domain workstation. Pretty much works the same. I had to:

  • Change the IP to static IP of with the DNS server being
  • Change the computer name, in this case to redboot70, then reset the machine.
  • Use the Network ________ to add a computer and (optionally) a user, in this case I added the yeslek domain account onto the PC.

Vista bug?
After I logged in as my own (scott) Fam account, I went to the user management using the redboot account and found that “scott” was not listed as one of the users. Could this be a bug in Vista?

Now, I’m ready to setup the redboot69 PC as a domain controller. Here goes….

Well, that was uneventful (I’m also setting up XP Pro on .68 using the automated install diskette) and at the bottom I’ve included the screens.

Yikes, this BLOG won’t post my screen shots! Am experimenting. Turns out they have to be hand uploaded. Kind of a pain, but it may work.

Ah well, I need to take a quiz…


Written by scottledyard

2006, November 30th at 5:28 pm

Posted in Active Directory, Vista

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