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DHCP request, ack, inform, inform at boot?

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Just to see what was happening when a computer reboots and has been assigned an IP by DHCP, I reset the PC described earlier (i.e., I expected no activity so was surprised to sniff 4 packets, 3 from the PC. It was a REQUEST packet from the PC, followed within 5/1000th of a second by an ACK. Over a minute later, the PC issued and INFORM packet and another 3 seconds later.


I’m going to put the sniffer on for DHCP packets and, if I can figure out how, for PING packets, too.

Update: Use Ethereal’s capture filter using the expression:

port 67 or port 68 or icmp


Written by scottledyard

2006, December 2nd at 11:40 am

Posted in DHCP

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