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DHCP server Advanced Properties

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Let’s see what the Conflict Detection setting does for us. It’s supposed to ping the prospective IP before assigning it. Let’s see how that goes by setting up a scope that includes some static IPs, namely the first 10. Hang on!

I setup, knowing that .4 is available. I’ll now setup a machine or two to use DHCP. I setup .68, which was static to Obtain automatic (funny, this is the first time I’ve configured the IP settings where it then did NOT gray out the DNS IP address and set that to automatic, too. Perhaps it’s because this is on a domain now.) I’ll sniff this.

These are the Advanced Properties after I made the changes:
The following was copied from Windows Help:

DHCP service database files

File Description
Dhcp.mdb The DHCP server database file.
Dhcp.tmp A temporary file used by the DHCP database as a swap file during database index maintenance operations. This file sometimes remains in the Systemroot\System32\Dhcp directory after a system failure.
J50.log and J50#####.log A log of all database transactions. This file is used by the DHCP database to recover data when necessary.
J50.chk A checkpoint file.

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2006, December 2nd at 8:16 pm

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