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Active Directory into a VMSrv

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Making sure that there was a snapshot created, “Before AD install” I proceeded to establish a static IP. Within VMWare, I setup a network 8 that is using It shares this with the PC, establishing as Def Gateway, DNS. Also, I allow it to DHCP for .128-.204.

Setting up server red-vmsrv01 as .3 I set running DCPROMO. I set the DNS domain name to be redboot.loc and NetBIOS name to be redboot-loc. I chose, “Install and configure the DNS server on this computer…” and the password of VMRed (assuming my keyboard didn’t lock up in all caps like it sometimes does!) Needed the CD for a bit on the DNS install and of course the CD drive has been flaky. No problem, but I did think: “I could pause the Virtual Machine at that point and resume once I got the drive working.” Maybe next time.


Written by scottledyard

2006, December 11th at 4:27 pm

Posted in Active Directory

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