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VPN-So close yet no go

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My lab nets were basically turned upside down and I even bypassed a router to put a PC directly on the net (yikes!), but it just didn’t work.Continued from yesterday, I worked on scanning my RR connection to see what would come through. Interesting findings, though. It lists many IPs all in the format:
nn.nn.nn.nn 153 ms
Where “nn” is an IP address.
The IP has remained the same for over a year, but when I set the PC to be directly on the net (yikes!) the RR DHCP gave it a different IP as seen below. [Hmm. Later, when I reattached the router, it returned the original IP again!] The Ethereal packets are abridged.
Ethereal also displayed a large number of ARP requests (no replies) that take place constantly, almost as static. The display of redboot69, the RRAS server wannabe.


Written by scottledyard

2007, January 2nd at 1:35 pm

Posted in VPN, Win Srv 2003

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