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Leaning towards XP: A trial of Vista (Take 4?)

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Vista is less irritating as a new OS than 95 and XP were. But it’s still not quite there yet.
Here are some Vista Pros/Cons as I’ve seen them:
Local / IP printer setup is self detecting and automatic. Sweet!
UAC is a great improvement for security.
Snipping tool to make a jpeg from part of the screen is super, especially compared with PrintScrn + Paint = bitmap.
Previous version of file. This could be very handy.
Operational similarity to XP, learning curve for techs is not so bad.
WinKey-Tab to switch is very cool, though the first key stroke always displays the screen your already on.
Gadgets are fun. Google’s are about as good.
Various privileges for wireless access points is
DVD player built in is nice.

Lack of 64 bit support is disappointing; pathetic even. Who will run this OS without a 64 bit CPU?
Windows Live OneCare is annoying and should run at low priority.
Performance is lower, perhaps not as low as I expected, but slower than XP.
Hibernating is not any faster, though that was a promised enhancement.
Video driver doesn’t work right, even when I went to ATI web site.
DRM feature of DVD player are suspicious. (e.g., doesn’t work if wrong date is entered.)

After purchasing a new, much faster laptop disk, I wanted to try Vista (4th time?) and so installed the fresh disk and put on Vista 64 bit. Bad move: Even Windows Live OneCare won’t work with 64 bit. Shame. Here’s a text log I kept as I setup the 32 bit version.

6:37 AM 2/8/2007 – Yesterday I installed the 64 bit version and had some imcompatiability issues. Sound wouldn’t work, there were two other “yellow” items in device manager. I tried to get Windows Live OneCare and it isn’t available for 64 bit! How lame. Adios 64 bit.
This morning I finished installing the 32 bit version. Went through 6 updates and I also opted for four optional updates (for ATI video, Synaptics touchpad, the USB mouse and a general update.) As with the 64 bit version, my laptop ranks a 2.5. Details:2.5 – ATI MOBILITY RADEON Xpress 200 Series 3.1 – Gaming video 383 MB Total available graphics memory3.7 – Processor AMD Turion(tm) 64 Mobile Technology ML-344.0 – RAM (1GB)5.0 – Hard disk (new 7200RPM Seagate PATA drive) After update, my ATI went to 2.4!
Installed Windows Live OneCare, Installed SyncToy and synced 5th grade from Flash Key
Issue: Doesn’t hibernate correctly. Screen goes black and eventually PC shuts off. Upon restart, screen remains black with a moveable mouse, hard disk light runs every once in a while, but it never comes on. Requires hard reset. Later: Found the screen is just black. If I Ctrl-Atl-Del and type in my password, it resurrects!
Issue: The monitor setting dialog keeps coming up, upon logon.
Installed SyncToy and setup “5th grade” sync.
ToDo:Setup Parallels – Re downloaded file; extracted win version
Setup podcasts
Setup Picasa
Setup Office / Update Office
Setup TrueCrypt
10:35 AM 2/8/2007
Installed Picasa, Juice (podcast client), and Parallels. Couldn’t connect to internet (in Good Sam)Set clock back to Jan and disabled inet time sync prior to Office Setup.
Installed MS Office07 beta from CD.
Set CD/DVD drive to Z:
Set 3 Western Digital MyBook to drives N:, O:, and P:
7:35 AM 2/9/2007 – Located ATI drivers on line (dated 1/31/07) and installed. Seemed to make no difference.
More ToDo:Setup PowerShell
NO TrueCrypt: Their site says it won’t work in Vista and a new version supporting Vista is due out soon. I’ll use bit locker
NO iTunes: Apple has announced in the last day or so that their software won’t work with Vista. So I’ll try an alternative podcast client.
NO Juice: Juice installed, but when I try to run it, it gives a weird error saying “See the logfile ‘C:\Program Files\juice\juice.exe.log for details.” Turns out there is no such file, but there is one that ends with .manifest instead of .log. Weird. Tried the Program compatibility Wizard for install file and regular program and no luck.
Ran Windows Live OneCare tune-up. slow goin.
YES Parallels. Ran Parallels. Seems to work fine!
NO Bitlocker. Guess I’ll need to setup BitLocker since TrueCrypt is not available just yet.
What the!!! When I go to Control Panel, bitlocker it says my partitions are not set up right and that if I’ve already setup a 2nd partition (which I have!) I will have to re-install Vista. NOT going to happen real soon. Pretty stupid, seems to me.

Looks like Vista is not quite ready. True, I’m running RC1, but have kept up with updates and I’d think any major issues would be updated, no?


Written by scottledyard

2007, February 10th at 1:46 pm

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