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USB Linux trial

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Started the 5199 class yesterday and was thinking about running a small Linux distro on a USB.
Bought a $30 1Gig USB from Sams and tried it in the Vista machine as a ReadyBoost drive just to see if it was a speedy one. It is not. The Event Viewer showed that it didn’t pass due to low write speed of 1028kbs (1 Mbps?) I also tried my 1Gig Flash Voyager and it failed with Vista reporting that it only had a 110MB portion that was fast.
Looked at pendrive linux and attempted Ubuntu on a USB. It took about half hour to setup and when I attempted to boot, it looked like it would work, but I bailed after 5 minutes! Besides, it indicated that it was a Live CD version. Duh! I can do that just burning a CD or two. So I tried the DSL version which is described at:
I also downloaded a torrent of Xubuntu 6.10 Live and burnt it as a comparison.
Neither ended up booting properly. They both seemed to be booting for half a minute of so. They seemed very slow. I’m going to try a different route. The Live CDs are so easy and work well. They just lack the ability to save configuration changes.


Written by scottledyard

2007, February 11th at 6:20 pm

Posted in Linux, Ubuntu, Xubuntu

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