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Update on the intranet: WSUS RC 1 setup

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Yes, it’s patch Tuesday and what better time to investigate the yet-to-be-release Windows Server Update Services.
I found a blurb on this in Technet. It didn’t say much, so I went over to MS and turns out you have to apply and go thru a survey to be considered. They considered me worthy and I proceeded to download the code and documentation. When I tried to see the keys, they said there were none. Hmmm.

Trying to install, it says I needed IIS installed. So I did this and restarted. It says I should have MMC 3.0 and Report Viewer Control. I didn’t know there was an update for the former and can’t say I’ve heard about the latter. No suggestions were offered as to how I might obtain these. It seems to be letting me proceed. I looked and found these on the MS site and am downloading them (Patch Tuesday is a real slow time to try and download from MS!)

Next, it wants at least 6GB of space to store updates for client computers. Wouldn’t you know the server I’m setting this up on has the least disk space of them all, but I’ve got 13GB on a volume I can spare. I’ll let it default to E:\WSUS.

Now it want SQL Server installed or needs 2GB to setup an embedded version of SQL Server. I’ll let it do that in E:\WSUS (again, the default.)

NOW it’s getting into the IIS thing. (I was hoping to minimize the screenshots since I’m running the server over Remote Desktop, but was surprised to see that an Alt-PrtSc actually work pretty well.)
I’m leaving this as is for now. It went thru a setup for many minutes and finished successfully. Still when I clicked OK, I got a major error:
Could be it because the other user is doing Win Updates at the same time? I’ll finish those and reboot the server.


Written by scottledyard

2007, February 13th at 10:12 pm

Posted in Win Srv 2003, WSUS

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