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Kivio diagrams are easy and open

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I am a new fan of Kivio. I was able to quickly draw a network diagram and post it to this BLOG. Simple and easy was what I hoped for and it’s what I got. The fact that it’s FLOSS is a great bonus. I WILL be using this again.

The last time I checked into drawing network diagrams using software I fled to my .5mm pencil and plastic template. No, this wasn’t years ago. I’ve used Visio (the latest the beta of 2007) and also a Gnome based Visio clone. The latter was clearly no match for Visio. Visio itself was fine, but there was so much STUFF. Another victim of software bloat. So it was with trepidation that I approached Kivio, a KDE flowchart and diagramming program. What I found was that I was able to sketch out a handy network diagram in less than half an hour; see it at the earlier post about a partial mesh network.

Running Ubuntu 6.10 within Parallels, I quickly found Kivio in Ubuntu’s available packages and installed it. I was afraid that I’d have to get a bunch of KDE dependencies, but in fact it was only about 50MB. It set Kivio up under the Applications, Office menu and it loaded quickly.

  • Easy and fast to install, load and learn.
  • Super easy to save as a PNG or JPEG file for posting to a blog. It even let’s you choose to save it margin-free.
  • When you paste an object, it automatically is floating with your cursor; just drop it where you want it. How smart is that?


  • I’m really having to reach here, but for some reason the default layout was portrait A4 paper size. Units were cm (which I like, but it’s not US customary.) I switched it to Letter, only to switch it back later cause, hey, a blog page ain’t Letter size!

Written by scottledyard

2007, February 25th at 12:33 pm

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