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Plugging away at using Word 2007 (Office 2007) and finding some cool stuff (Like the BLOG posting facility) yet about every 3rd posting I find that Word crashes. Uninteresting, even annoying in of itself, it IS interesting for a couple of reasons:

Today, after umpteen crashes, a dialog pops up and says something like, “It appears that Office is repeatedly crashing. We’re sorry about that. Would you like to run Microsoft Office Diagnostics in an attempt to resolve the problem?” Ah! They care! How kind! Sure, please figure out the problem!

So, it ran a very attractive diagnostic process for about 10 minutes and came up with nothing:

Hmmm. Looks good, but the proof is in the pudding and it didn’t solve any problem. At a referring web site, it provided no additional insight, but it did suggest I turn on an ability to routinely download a file to MS info about my system and maybe this would help. (See Word Options, Trust Center, Privacy Options, Download a file periodically that helps determine system problems.)

I did. Best I can hope for is a bug fix in the future I guess.

On the positive side, the crash recovery mechanism now takes place immediately, not just when you restart Word. This is a surprisingly smart, yet simple idea. Since the editing is freshly in your mind, better take care of damage control ASAP.


Written by scottledyard

2007, April 14th at 11:38 am

Posted in Word 2007

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