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Where are those characters I just typed?

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Cranky Nerd with a Pet-Peeve:

Is it just me, my laptop*, or is the flushing of the type-ahead buffer being relegated to a lower priority nowadays? That is, why am I typing text and sometimes finding that it waits a while to show up?

It was WAY long ago when I saw a word processing app demonstrated using a Wyse dumb-terminal on a Xenix box. We witnessed the UNACCEPTABLE: characters would NOT appear on our screen until AFTER we pressed the keys. You would begin typing and when the processor (dare I confess it was a 80286?) got busy the characters might display a half a second to a few seconds later. We all immediately judged this word processor unworthy. The standard was a typewriter, then a PC running WordStar, Word, WordPerfect or MultiMate. They ALL could keep up using processors that were mental midgets compared with those we use today.

What’s going on? I’m seeing this more often recently, and it’s not just on my laptop.

* My HP dv5000 with numerous personality flaws:

  • At random points, the shift key seems to LOCK, that is, a “d” becomes a “D” and a “4” becomes a “$”; cleared by tapping both shift keys, but oh-so-annoying when trying to enter a hidden password.
  • The DVD/CD drive was a little flaky – though amazingly, this problem has become LESS frequent over time (might still need to get a warranty replacement though.)
  • It has NO button to deactivate the touchpad (which is the worst invention since auto-flush toilets) and requires noodling around to de-activate it. Worse, sometimes you want to run your laptop for a minute or two and want it available and then it requires searching around for how to turn it on again!

Written by scottledyard

2007, April 14th at 11:12 am

Posted in XP

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