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Windows 2003 Small Business Server – Client Setup

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For posterity sake, here are the screen shots for setting up client computers from an SBS server. I decided to include the initial user setup which provides for an automatic “next step” of setting up the computer. So there are two “push” parts: User setup and client computer setup and two “pull” parts: Assigning user to the computer / migrating their profiles and installing software via the Client Setup Wizard

Part I

User Setup

Part II

So now it jumps to the Setup client computer:

Note additional point for running Vista.

Part III

Now we go to the PC and run IE and launch the “pull” part of the setup.

Part IV

You can see below a number of things occurred:

  • The user is now a domain user, not the previous Workgroup user (I guess you can’t “see” this.)
  • Outlook express was replaced by Outlook 2003
  • Note that despite an earlier screen, IE 7 was not replaced by v6. It never “downgrades” you.
  • My “Command Prompt” choice for the main menu was ported over from my previous profile.
  • My “TextDoc 13 July” was copied to this profile as well.

All screenshots taken via Vista’s Snipping Tool from simultaneous sessions run on VirtualBox virtual machine manager.


Written by scottledyard

2007, July 16th at 1:54 pm

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