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99% isn’t good enough for a burned CD-ROM from an ISO – Using CRC305.EXE

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In this post, I tell how to detect if a Windows installation CD is bad using the CRC305.EXE.

Recently I again downloaded Microsoft’s Small Business Server 2003 CD ISO images and began burning them to CD on my laptop. To be sure they’re good, The MS download manager checks that the CRC values check. I have the Sonic software verify the CD after the burn to make sure it’s burned properly. Should be okay, right?


Ran through two complete installations of SBS only to find during and after CD #4 there are setup errors. The first indicates that a file for what appears to be a Korean help file just doesn’t exist. It’s one of two files, so I tried just copying and renaming the one file to be the name it wanted for the second file. I knew this was cheating, but what are the chances I’ll ever want help in Korean. It continues on until a final error indicates it cannot proceed. The errorlog.txt file showed numerous errors besides this one.

After re-burning CD 1 at a slower speed, I found I had the same error. I downloaded and ran CRC305.EXE from Microsoft’s web site and ran it against the CD on my laptop. It indicated that it was good. However, running it on the server on which I was trying to load the CDs indicated that ALL of the CDs had an error after the 99% point!

So I burned the CDs on THAT machine (yes there was a lot of time involved with this!), ran CRC205.EXE on that machine and it showed that the disks passed. I was able to install the complete system with the new CDs without errors.


Written by scottledyard

2007, July 22nd at 10:38 am

Posted in Win SBS 2003

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