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Dial-a-fix allows Windows Update to succeed

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Some fellow Nerds were discussing the problem of Windows Updates having patches that refused to install, Nerds Todd Myles and Barry Ball suggested Dial-a-fix

I had been having the same issue with an install of Small Business Server 2003, so I decided to try this out. It worked quite well and took very little time. A great utility.

Below are the screen shots showing the blow-by-blow.

How many times have I seen this???

Let’s check out the Dial-a-fix site. There is a wealth of instructions to read there suggesting what you might want to try BEFORE resorting to Dial-a-fix. Well done.
But, on to download.

After I unzipped these to the desktop, I thought I’d check on my version of secedit.exe since Aug 2004 seems a little old. I see that mine is from 2006…

So I replaced it…

After double clicking on Dial-a-fix, I clicked on the Fix Windows Update. I wish I could have capture the screen shot of the bubble help that appears. It explains why the SSL, etc is auto selected, too. Then I clicked Go. So that was a total of TWO clicks and away it goes.

I ran update again and…



Written by scottledyard

2007, August 15th at 7:19 pm

Posted in Win Srv 2003, WSUS

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