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Open Office Unlocking “Locked for Editing” files needs to be friendlier

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One day into using Open Office 3.x on my MacBook I found that one document I’d been working on was locked. That is, when I opened it I received the message “Document file qwerty.ods is locked for editing By…” My options were only to open read only or to open a copy. Hmmm. I even rebooted. Clearly I needed an option like, “Clear lock” since this file was on my Desktop and not needing to be locked.

After reading OpenOffice forum post it indicated I was looking for a hidden file. Being new to Macs I could find no way for Finder to show me a hidden file, so to the command line I went. Using “ls -a | less” I quickly found the file to be the same as the file name in question proceeded by “.~” It was the only such file as the command “ls .~*” proved so I issued a “rm .~*” and I the problem was solved.

No exactly  “user friendly”. If you know a simpler way, feel free to add a comment.


Written by scottledyard

2008, November 10th at 8:18 am

Posted in How to, Mac, Open Office, OS X

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  1. Thanks for this post. Solved my problem. Fortunately I have Windows and I’ve rigged a hotkey to toggle hidden files.


    2011, January 6th at 8:50 pm

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