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Find the elusive Start button on Hyper-V 2012 VM consoles

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a tough time getting the start button to show on Hyper-V connected consoles for Windows Server 2012 VMs.

This video shows that just hovering over the red X in the upper corner of the VM console seems to do the trick.


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2013, July 11th at 3:51 pm

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How to turn off Google Search history on Google Apps

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There seems to be a bit of concern that Google is recording search history. Now that Google is changing their privacy terms, this is becoming a new topic despite the fact that they’ve offered search history for some time.

It’s been my experience setting up Google Apps for Business that this service is turned off by default, but I suppose that could vary. My personal preference is to leave it on, as I find it useful for later research.

Anyway, it’s quite simple to turn this off for your Google Apps domain. Go into your domain management menu. Lately, this can be the biggest challenge as they’ve moved this around. It’s in the SECOND gear icon.

ManageDomain screenshot

Then go to Organization & users, and finally the Services tab.

Scroll down, and you’ll see the Web History where you can turn it off, or on.


BTW, if you want to see what your Google Search history has been, visit

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2012, February 28th at 4:38 pm

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Can’t access Dell DRAC after update?

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I have to admit that I’ve stumbled into this problem at least twice before – and forgot what caused issue. The problem is that you attempt to access the web interface on the Dell DRAC (Dell Remote Access Card) and you cannot. It appears the DRAC disconnects.

Easy enough to solve: Simply clear your browser cache or use a different browser temporarily.  By pointer the web browser to same IP – the browser tries to pull the content from cache, but it doesn’t jive with the actual content from the updated firmware. 

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2012, January 25th at 2:13 pm

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ISP speed test

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Running a speed test at work gave me differing results. produced these results:

With 4.3mb/s down and 2.8mb/s up.
But reported 1.8mb/s down and 2.6 mb/s up.
Then from home I get:

2.7mb/s down and .6mb/s up

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2007, February 23rd at 10:32 am

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Ideas for next project steps

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  1. Setup DHCP server if it will not interfere with non-domain PCs
  2. Setup DHCP Reservation with static PCs
  3. Have an .msi program install for the Lab computers.
  4. Setup printer to be automatically configured.
  5. WINS server

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2006, November 30th at 10:02 pm

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