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Dare I try the VPN setup?

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What the heck, let’s see what happens when I setup a VPN.
Here’s what DHCP leases looked like before:
RRAS is already installed and running since it’s been setup as a double headed server. I click Manage this remote access server and it just takes me to the Snap-In for RRAS.

On the Redboot68 server icon, I right click and select Properties. I click the checkbox to turn on the Remote access server.
Then I right click Ports and the Wan Miniport (PPTP) and Configure. I check the Remote access connections (inbound only) and click OK.
Nothing much is happening. I thought there was a Wizard for this.
I mess around with a few more things like the routing firewall. I think I’d better let this be and try to go through the RRAS Wizard for setting this up.


Written by scottledyard

2007, February 4th at 9:26 pm

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Saturday miscellaneous

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Worked on MTLC LTSP issues. See that BLOG.
Setup WinSrv2003 in Parallels. For some reason, Win does not install a working NIC driver for the Realtek RTL8029. BUT, when you install the Parallels Tools, it puts in a functioning driver.
Ran two instances of VMPlayer today and one just “went away.” Hmm?
Was able to VPN connect server to server on same network (big whoop!) as per the Eckert/Schitka book. Still need to add documenation to last tuesday’s blog. That is still confounding. Will ask prof about it on Tuesday.

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2007, January 6th at 2:13 pm

VPN-So close yet no go

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My lab nets were basically turned upside down and I even bypassed a router to put a PC directly on the net (yikes!), but it just didn’t work.Continued from yesterday, I worked on scanning my RR connection to see what would come through. Interesting findings, though. It lists many IPs all in the format:
nn.nn.nn.nn 153 ms
Where “nn” is an IP address.
The IP has remained the same for over a year, but when I set the PC to be directly on the net (yikes!) the RR DHCP gave it a different IP as seen below. [Hmm. Later, when I reattached the router, it returned the original IP again!] The Ethereal packets are abridged.
Ethereal also displayed a large number of ARP requests (no replies) that take place constantly, almost as static. The display of redboot69, the RRAS server wannabe.

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2007, January 2nd at 1:35 pm

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Configuring a VPN on Win Server 3

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This has been a confusing topic for me. My work on Cisco routers, VPN concentrators and clients seems to be unrelated to Windows approach. Plus setting up RRAS is very black-boxy and my textbook give the advice, “Better use the Wizard so it don’t get screwed up.” Thanks.
I wanted to set this up on the slower Win Server and hook it through the ZoomTown ISP via the Linksys router. It has settings to pass through PPTP, LT2P and IPSec. Okay, no configuration there. Just turn it on (it is on by default.)
So lets install another NIC in the second server, redboot69, and, oh yeah, it needs an IP. Wait it needs another network. Okay, the Linux LTSP is using 192.168.0.x/24, main net is 192.168.1.x/24, so lets make this 192.168.2.x/24. Changed Windows DHCP server– No that’s not right it won’t work on a separate net without DHCP Relay. Let’s change the Linksys DHCP to use .2.x. Okay that hands the new NIC a whole set of new parameters. But wait, let’s put that in statically and Windows give the error:

It does NOT want there to be two default gateways.
When it has automatically set this up using DHCP from the router, the route print command gives a goofy setup:
Note there are two default routes ( So, then I set it up the 2nd NIC without a default gateway and without a DNS, we get:
and a route print of:
Looks better though still not sure what it does with the redundant multicast and broadcast lines. Does it send to both. I guess that’d make sense.
So now it’s on to setting this up. I occurs to me that the ZoomTown IP changes regularly but the RoadRunner IP never does. So, let’s set the main to use the ZoomTown (ZT) router. To do list is:

  • Change the DHCP leases from 2 days to 2 hours so I can make this change effective quickly.
  • Change DHCP option for DNS to have a backup of ZT DNS servers
  • Update the WinSrv203 DHCPTurn off DHCP on the ZT router
  • Change ZT router IP to and turn it off
  • Change WinSrv2003 DNS server to forward to ZT DNS servers ( & Actually just added these and pushed them to top of list
  • Change RR router IP to
  • Removed cable from basement RR router. Turned on ZT router and cabled over to regular hub.
  • Visited workstations with wireless connections and switched default Access Point to “TheLab” instead of “wescott”
  • Unplugged basement PC and plugged in long cord and plugged other end of long cord into common hub upstairs. I will need to move this computer to wireless so i can get it onto .1 network.

Tried to connect to192.168.2.1 from reboot69 and Firefox couldn’t get to it, nor could I ping it. I could pint (itself). Hmm. Downloaded Angry IP and only got:



Written by scottledyard

2007, January 1st at 11:02 am

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