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No tool like an old tool

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Administration Tools Pack gets a refresh

and Server Administration Tools

Another eNerd called me yesterday wondering how to let a non-admin user at his client’s business have access to their virtualized server. The hope was to have the vSphere Client locked down in some way.

When I asked what the user needed to do, it was “Manage users and reset passwords and such.”  I realized then that this was not a VMware access issue at all, but a Windows Server rights issue.

In fact, this can readily be handled by the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) which can be installed on the user’s workstation – no need to give the user login to the Windows or VMware server at all.

This is not a new trick by any means, but is one worth remembering.

Also, I’ll add that there is now a version for Windows 7 (Win7) and Vista, in both 32 and 64 bit flavors. (Sorry, they don’t let this run on “Home” editions of Windows.)  The following give some details.

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2010, February 27th at 4:41 pm

Level Platforms install does it all, but must add MWService to admin groups

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While installing Level Platforms (LPI) Onsite Manager onto a Windows Server 2003 (a member server running on as and ESXi guest and added to a SBS 2003 domain) all went well, but one service would not start. Final, solution was that the MWService account did not have sufficient permissions. LPI tech support said to add that account to Administrators, Domain Administrators and Enterprise Administrators. This solved the problem.

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Written by scottledyard

2008, December 17th at 12:09 pm

Windows 2003 Small Business Server – Client Setup

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For posterity sake, here are the screen shots for setting up client computers from an SBS server. I decided to include the initial user setup which provides for an automatic “next step” of setting up the computer. So there are two “push” parts: User setup and client computer setup and two “pull” parts: Assigning user to the computer / migrating their profiles and installing software via the Client Setup Wizard

Part I

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Written by scottledyard

2007, July 16th at 1:54 pm

Active Directory into a VMSrv

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Making sure that there was a snapshot created, “Before AD install” I proceeded to establish a static IP. Within VMWare, I setup a network 8 that is using It shares this with the PC, establishing as Def Gateway, DNS. Also, I allow it to DHCP for .128-.204.

Setting up server red-vmsrv01 as .3 I set running DCPROMO. I set the DNS domain name to be redboot.loc and NetBIOS name to be redboot-loc. I chose, “Install and configure the DNS server on this computer…” and the password of VMRed (assuming my keyboard didn’t lock up in all caps like it sometimes does!) Needed the CD for a bit on the DNS install and of course the CD drive has been flaky. No problem, but I did think: “I could pause the Virtual Machine at that point and resume once I got the drive working.” Maybe next time.

Written by scottledyard

2006, December 11th at 4:27 pm

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Screen shots from .69 DCPROMO

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I started by firing up DCPROMO. I then chose the Additional Domain controller route.

I used the Enterprise Admin account “ea” and specified the existing domain as

I veer from the norm now by putting the AD files on a separate drive, E:.

For this lab, I’m assigning the password redboot to most everthing so I used it for the Restore Mode Password.

Nice summary guys:

A screen or two as time passes by (started at 6:11) After 6 minutes it was done.

Then had a required restart and all came up well. I was surprised that it booted within about 1 minute of the Windows logo, even though the notorious “Setting up network connections” phase was involved.

Written by scottledyard

2006, November 30th at 7:54 pm

In the lab on a rainy (hope for snow) evening

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First went to setup the Vista RC1 PC as a domain workstation. Pretty much works the same. I had to:

  • Change the IP to static IP of with the DNS server being
  • Change the computer name, in this case to redboot70, then reset the machine.
  • Use the Network ________ to add a computer and (optionally) a user, in this case I added the yeslek domain account onto the PC.

Vista bug?
After I logged in as my own (scott) Fam account, I went to the user management using the redboot account and found that “scott” was not listed as one of the users. Could this be a bug in Vista?

Now, I’m ready to setup the redboot69 PC as a domain controller. Here goes….

Well, that was uneventful (I’m also setting up XP Pro on .68 using the automated install diskette) and at the bottom I’ve included the screens.

Yikes, this BLOG won’t post my screen shots! Am experimenting. Turns out they have to be hand uploaded. Kind of a pain, but it may work.

Ah well, I need to take a quiz…

Written by scottledyard

2006, November 30th at 5:28 pm

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Now WHERE did I put that server?

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From work done on Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Well, the brain surely forgot an important past event: I had successfully installed WinServer2003 on one of the IBM PC computers. Since then, I’ve tried it on most of the rest and without success. I immediately get a fatal message about a bad line in the txtsetup file. Perused the net without any luck. Switching CDs didn’t matter either. I had quickly set that PC up using an autoinstall diskette and put it in the basement for the F’s to surf with over Thanksgiving. I’ve decided to let the computer stay in that room so I can let yeslek use a “managed” PC. To my surprise, it was running WinServer. Yay! I was wanting a simple secondary server and I was resigning myself to buying one.

I did find out about that computer not being added to the Lab Computers OU. Turns out if you setup the computer ahead of time in the OU using its unique computer name, it will work. If you add the computer on the fly, it puts it in the generic Computers container.

I added yeslek and redboot65 to the Fam Users and Fam computers OUs, respectively, establishing both ahead of time in AD users and computers. She’s running now connected to the domain. I’ve now got the secondary server computer (redboot69) back in the lab and have joined it to the domain, also.

One thing I DID do on redboot69 was give it (red-srv1) as the first DNS server and (’s DNS server) as an alternate. Wonder if this is kosher?

I had fun setting up the HP Officejet Pro K550 using a cool web site to remind me how to set it up (see

Next? I think I’ll setup redboot69 as another domain controller. Maybe setup oom’s laptop as a workstation. And the Vista PC as a workstation.

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Written by scottledyard

2006, November 30th at 7:28 am

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