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GPO setup

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First to install the GPMC. I have this on a CD for just such times. It installs quickly and put a Group Policy Management icon in the Administrative Tools menu.

The defaults that were setup are shown (though I had change the days from 1 to 0 for Minimum Password Age:
I printed all of this AND the Default Domain Controller to a paper log.I created two GPOs, one for the RIT Cptrs OU called “Require automatic updates daily” and one for the RIT Users OU called “Desktop efficiency.”

Yikes, so now I’ve added the computer account redboot67 and go to the PC to give it that name and it tells me it’s already setup so it will use the old name. Sheesh!

It went ahead and added this to the domain using this screwy name. Then I deleted the redboot67 computer from the RIT Cptrs OU and tried to change the computer name. I got no “Welcome to the risky.local domain” but then I got no message. But when I tried to re-add it I got a message saying the pre-2000 (NetBIOS I suppose) name still exists. There is no WINS server, so I wonder where this is stored?
Tried using nbtstat with various options and it didn’t show it anywhere. BUT, then I went back to the AD Users and Computers and pressed F5 and the garbage name changed to redboot67. So, I moved it to the OU. BUT, WHY wouldn’t it let me add the computer that had already been added thru AD Users and Computers???

Also, how can I give a domain admin full admin rights to any client XP workstation??


Written by scottledyard

2007, January 28th at 12:42 pm

Posted in GPO, Win Srv 2003

Elevate the domain and effect GPO for Auto Updates

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Elevated the B lab server to the highest functional level, Windows Server 2003. It said it would replicate this out to the entire domain, but I didn’t see the other server’s light do much and it cranks a lot when ANY thing happens. Hmmm. But I looked at it and sure enough it IS elelvated, too.

Found how to require Automatic Updates even if a local Administrator tries to override. Setup a GPO I called Require Automatic Updates and set as shown:

Man, these PC start slow now that roaming profiles and folder redirection is in place. They sit at the “Establishing network connections” prompt for over a minute. Tried removing the “Turn off fast logon” GPO, but it’s still pokey.

Written by scottledyard

2006, December 18th at 6:39 pm

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